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20 May 2018

Today, Tianjin Quanjian faced Shanghai Shenhua for the 11th round of the China Super League. In a very bustling game and with curious plays, the home team won 2-1.

The farewell night of Tianjin Quanjian before the FIFA World Cup break, was celebrated with a beautiful victory. Still cheerful by the historic classification for the quarterfinals of the AFC Champions League, the team showed on the pitch that the national championship is also important.

Paulo Sousa started with a 4-1-4-1 lineup. With a fairly consistent midfield, the team ensured an offensive stance, proving to be very fast at creating plays and counterattacks.

The first goal was scored in the first minutes of the second half, and as a reward for the great job shown on the field. Su Yuanjie – in a one on one with Li Shuai – lobbed the goalkeeper and opened up the scoreboard.

The game’s most controversial moment came in about 75 minutes when the referee used the VAR (video assistant referee) and went back on his decision to give a penalty in favor of the Shanghai team.

The foul that was awarded, in turn, was taken so well that it was worth as much as a penalty. The free kick didn’t got in merely by pure whim, but Wang Wei was alert to take the rebound from the goalkeeper Zhang Lu and put everything equal with 82 minutes played. However, only five minutes later, and after a marvelous move, Alexandre Pato scored again for Quanjian to secure his team’s victory with a 2-1 score, merit to Su Yuanjie backheel assist that cracked Shenhua’ defense wide open.

With the result, the Paulo Sousa’ team climbed to the 9th position in the table of the CSL. Their next game will be only on July 17, two days after the final of the FIFA World Cup.


Tianjin Quanjian starting eleven and subs:
Zhang Lu; Cheng Zhang, Yiming Liu, Kwon Kyung-Won and Mi Haolun; Wu Wei; Su Yuanjie, Zhao Xuri, Wang Yongpo (Pei Shuai, 89′) and Alexandre Pato (Wang Xiaolong, 88’); Anthony Modeste  (Yang Xu, 94′).


This article has been written by Paulo MCD Sousa Editors Team
Photo: OSports Photo Agency